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Garland County Audubon Society meeting of Sept 13, 2018


Presiding officer: Jerry Butler

Treasurer’s report: 6/14 ending  balance $2626.83, ending balance $1881.83; 9/13/18 ending balance $1921.83.

Secretary’s report: last meeting was picnic at Entergy Park

Attendance: 20

Program: Presented by Jerry Davis on Magee Marsh. It is on the shores of Lake Erie, has long boardwalks. Everyone enjoyed Jerry’s great bird & wildlife photos.



  1. Both campers told us what they liked about Halberg Ecology Camp. Mason Wittnebert & his mother, Mary Wittnert. Arabella Norton and her mother Brianne. GCAS encouraged the students to share with their friends.


  1. Jerry Butler proposed getting business cards to help promote the club. A vote was taken and passed. He will look into designing & ordering. He would also like to get an easel..
  2. Electric Island dedications is Sept 21. They may be looking for volunteers next April to help students ID birds.
  3. Other upcoming events: Native Plant sale 9/23 at LR Audubon Center; Audubon Fall meeting is in Texarkana Oct 5-7; AR Native Plant Society is in Ft Smith Oct 12-14
  4. Members shared bird sightings: kingfisher, E Kingbird, Peewee, hummers and migrants are showing up.
  5. Jerry mentioned 2 books: Birding Without Borders and The American Wolf

FIELD  TRIP: nothing planned for Sept;  October is Mt Magazine Hawk Watch, date ?

PROGRAM NEXT MONTH: Ron Kew & Caarolyn Minson on Avoiding Window Collisions

Refreshments:  Cookies by Kym Gallagher; beverages by Wayne Lynch  

Notes taken by Loretta West

Submitted by Marty Lynch, GCAS secretary

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