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               GCAS WINTER 2017 MEETINGS

            January 12, 2017--Analysis of HSNP Christmas Bird Count--Shelley Todd



                         February 9, 2017--Birds Beyond Our Borders--Jerry Davis


North America has over 900 bird species that can provide a lifetime of birding challenges for the best of birders. However, south of our border is a different world of birds and birding experiences. Many of the breeding birds in the United States spend the winter or at least migrate through Costa Rica on their way into South America. But beyond our shared birds, Costa Rica has species that are uniquely different. “Birds Beyond Our Borders” will look at a sample of the 800 bird species found there.


Jerry W. Davis is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and a retired Forest Wildlife Program Manager for the Ouachita National Forest. He received a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology (67), and a Master of Forestry in Wildlife Habitat Management (69) from Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas. He completed postgraduate courses at the University of Texas at Arlington, Clemson University, Virginia Tech University, and NW School of Law, Lewis & Clark College. His career experience includes: Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Dallas Independent School District, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Wildlife Biologist for the Kaibab National Forest, Tonto National Forest, Sam Houston National Forest, and the Forest Wildlife Program Manager for the 1.8 million acre Ouachita National Forest and a teacher at National Park Community College. Jerry retired in 2009 with 43 years of professional service and is a published writer, photographer, poet, and artist. Jerry and Barbara live in Hot Springs, Arkansas.                                        


March 9, 2017--Tana Beasley--"What's to Love About Hummingbirds?"

“What’s to Love about Hummingbirds” is a power point presentation about how and why band birds are banded, planting suggestions that might help you have more hummingbirds in your yard, what good hummingbirds are, the biology of the bird (differences between male and female, special physical features they have), and where in the world they live.


Tana Beasley is a graduate of Harding University, Searcy and taught in public Schools…3 years at West Side Greer’s Ferry near Heber Springs…and 27 years at SHS teaching Biology I and II, Applied Biology/Chemistry, and Environmental Science.


She helped develop Curriculum for AGFC’s new center; Potlatch Conservation Education Center at Cook’s Lake in 2000 and started at a part-time Education Specialist for the Center at that time.  This soon became a full-time position continuing as Education Specialist until the death of the Facility Manager, the late Don McSwain in 2010. Since that time, she has served as Facility Manager of the facility.


Tana is certified in AGFC Programs: Project WILD, Project WET and WILD, Growing Up WILD, Wonders of Wetlands, Boater Education, Hunter Education, judge for Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program and Arkansas National Archery in the Schools Program; becoming an Outdoor Woman instructor, as well as instructor of our PCEC Curriculum.

She holds the “Bander of Records for the State of Arkansas in Hummingbird Banding” and is the only one in the State with a valid Federal Master Bird Banding Permit for banding Hummingbirds issued by the U.S. Department of the Interior and U.S. Geological Survey Bird Banding Laboratory in Laurel, MD. (Since Hummingbirds are migratory birds, one must have a Federal Permit to band and handle them.) Banding training began in late 2008, with “real” banding beginning early in 2009.


Tana is a member of the Arkansas Master Gardener Chapter, currently serving as Vice President and has served as chairman for their yearly Flower Sale. She has been an instructor for MG Training in Arkansas County and is to be an instructor for an Advanced MG Training in Monroe as well as a guest speaker for several other Master Gardener or Garden Clubs in several other counties. She is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, currently serving as Treasurer (after holding all of the other offices over the years!). Tana will enthusiastically share her program, “What’s to Love about Hummingbirds?”

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