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                      GCAS FALL 2019 MEETINGS

September 12, 2019--Birding Southeastern Arizona

Jerry Wayne Davis, Certified Wildlife Biologist


Arizona is a big state with great habitat diversity. It has recorded 555 bird species within its boundaries with 400 of these bird species being recorded in southeastern Arizona. The diversity provided from the lower dry desert to the tops of the coniferous sky islands provides great birding opportunities. This habitat diversity makes this an ideal location for birders looking for bird species diversity and those different from other parts of the country such as Florida and south Texas. The Tucson area alone has enough birding sites to keep serious birders active for at least a week. This program will show a sample of desert cactus in flower and 90 bird species with some suggestions as to where you might find the Red-faced Warbler, Elegant Trogon, Cordillian Flycatcher, Painted Redstart, Western Tanager, Costa’s and Broadbilled Hummingbirds, Gould’s Turkey, Black-throated Gray Warbler, Towsend’s Warbler and others.


Jerry is a  Certified Wildlife biologist and retired Forest Wildlife Program Manager for the 1.8 million acre Ouachita National Forest. He received a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology (1967), and a Master of Forestry in Wildlife Habitat Management (1969) from Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas. Postgraduate courses include: University of Texas at Arlington, Clemson University, Virginia Tech University, and NW School of Law, Lewis & Clark College. Experience includes: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Dallas Independent School District, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Wildlife Biologist at Kaibab National Forest (1.75 million acres), Tonto National Forest (3 million acres), Sam Houston National Forest, and the Ouachita National Forest as Forest Wildlife Program Manager, and teaching at National Park College.


He has led birding trips to Costa Rica four times, Ecuador twice, Cuba once, Canada three times, and Alaska three times. He is leading another trip to Costa Rica in April 2020  He and his wife have spent eight weeks birding in Arizona.

October 10, 2019--Birding in Ecuador

Carolyn Minson


November 14, 2019--Wildlife Photos

Daniel Valovich


December 12, 2019--Christmas Potluck



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