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                      GCAS FALL 2018 MEETINGS

September 13, 2018--Birds of Magee Marsh--Warbler Capitol of the World

Jerry Davis


This is a good program for people who want to see birds up close in their spring breeding plumage. These birds have just flown 3,000 miles to start the breeding season in Canada. Their next step is to refuel and fly across Lake Erie. People who enjoy birds will learn what they are missing by not going to Magee Marsh during peak migration. This program will remove some of the information gaps and anxieties about going to see what others around the world come to see.

October 11, 2018--Avoiding Window Collisions--Ron Kew & Carolyn Minson


Millions of birds die each year due to collisions with the windows in our homes. Each of us could make our home more friendly by making our windows less likely to kill the songbirds we love.


Carolyn Minson of Arkansas Audubon and Ron Kew of Garland County Audubon Society will discuss window deterrents for birds and show how to make one.

November 8, 2018--Climate Science Projections on the Impact to Birds--Ron Kew


This will be a powerpoint presentation taken mostly from information available from the Audubon Works website.  


Audubon and other organizations have approximately 100 years of bird sighting data that have been analyzed and show that winter and summer ranges of bird species have been changing as our planet's CO2 levels have increased. What changes have they noticed so far and what are they anticipating in the next 50 years?


Ron Kew is a past president of Garland County Audubon Society and is currently responsible for Society programs and serves as Vice President.

December 13, 2018--Christmas Potluck


Venue: The Bissells


Address: 457 S Rogers Rd


Time: Gather at 6:00 pm, meal starts at 6:30 pm


Directions: From MLK Expressway, take the Airport Road (Hwy 70) exit west about 2.5 miles. Watch for the Valero station on the right. Just past the station, turn left at the Forrest Hills sign on S Rogers Rd. Go about 0.8 mile; watch for mailbox 457 on the left. Turn left into the long drive just beyond the box. Watch for balloons at the entrance of S Rogers Rd and at Bissells' drive.


We'll see you there!

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