Last updated April 13, 2017

                                     FIELD TRIPS

GCAS members love nature and especially enjoy bird watching. Most months that we have meetings, we also schedule a field trip, possibly for a morning or for all day. Field trip times and locations are discussed at the regular monthly meetings. Most often field trips are taken on the Saturday or Sunday following the monthly meetings. Please scroll down to see the upcoming field trip schedule and field trip reports.

                          FIELD TRIP REPORTS

November 19, 2016--Arkadelphia Oxidation Ponds

November 19th was cold and windy. Glen & Evelyn Good met us
at the gate where we immediately saw a Greater White Fronted Goose. Jerry
Butler got photos of interesting birds such as Hooded Merganser, Pintail,
Green Winged Teal, & Ring-necked Duck. Loretta West, Wayne & Marty Lynch
contributed to a  total of 52 species for the day. We had a warm &
friendly lunch at Lake DeGray State Lodge with the Central Audubon Society

January 17, 2017--Holla Bend

An upcoming field trip is scheduled for Saturday, April 15, 2017.

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